April 7 2018 Nurses of 1965 Reunion Wahine’s Remembering

To commemorate the Wahine and Wahine’s passed. (Many of us will be ’70’ strong) Please email me if you are interested in attending karen.denby@gmail.com or Facebook account Karen Morris-Denby & join the group Nurses of April 1965 Wellington Reunion ‘Wahine’s Remembering or text +64 (0) 204 009 3798

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If you only read one book in your life you must read Barbara Ewing ‘Trespass’

Daný van Dam submitted her PhD on postcolonial neo-Victorianism in July 2016, at Cardiff University. She is co-editor of a special issue of the online, peer-reviewed journal Assuming Gender on the topic of ‘Consuming Gender’, see here (if you’re interested: the proposal deadline is 16 October 2016). She’s also one of BAVS ‘Consuming (the) Victorians’ conference organisers. Daný is currently setting up a new research […]

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Take the Bullies by Storm

Initially I thought the a’ole thing was amusing but now I will be writing a book & for all audiences it will be called ‘Take the Bullies by storm’ (working title) So: I’m going to help you to become a superman or superwoman-you don’t have to wear your undies over your trousers but it might […]

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It’s not until someone young tells you that you are old that you think ‘maybe I am getting ancient’

The best poems about ageing ‘I grow old… I grow old…’ So speaks J. Alfred Prufrock in T. S. Eliot’s classic poem. And, indeed, poets have often been drawn to the topic of growing old and approaching one’s winter years. Here are ten of the very finest poems about ageing, from the age of Shakespeare […]

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a numbers game

Originally posted on Karen Elizabeth Morris-Denby: Look outside the circle-look at astrological influences, weather influences, throwing the stones influences, scattering the tea leaves influence, tossing the caber influences (not unless you are built like a brick outhouse) 2017 is about doing stuff that you have never done before-thinking ways like you have never done before…

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space & spaces

Today, January 14, 2017, SpaceX achieved another commercial launch success with the delivery of ten Iridium satellites to orbit—the first of 70 that will comprise the next generation IridiumNext constellation—as well as a new milestone in its ongoing trek toward reusable launch capability: the first successful landing of a Falcon 9 first-stage booster on […]

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